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2004-05-31 03:49 pm

Friends Only

You know, I never thought things would get this way. I thought I'd be able to be free to say what I want in my journal and not be judged or made fun of for it, but I guess that only happens in an idea fuckin' world, huh? Well, now if you wish to look at my journal then you gotta be part of my 'Friends' list or else too damn bad so fuckin' sad. Here's my middle finger to all of ya'll who have forced me to do this. I hope you're fuckin' happy. Go screw off and I hope the door hits ya hard on the fuckin' ass on the way out.

Thank you [livejournal.com profile] icepopprincess for creating my FO banner for me. None of ya'll better steal it!

Nicki 'Little Mama' )